Reading Report

The Reading Forecast

So it’s Ramadan and as anyone could have guessed I am reading less than I used to. I seem to be moving at a slower pace than usual and that’s okay with me. I just feel like I need more time to actually concentrate on books and things and speed reading is something mythical I used to be capable of. That said, I did read 7 books last week so…you know.

  1. Eolyn – Karin Rita Gastreich
    I finally finished this. I enjoyed this quite a bit and hope to read the second and third in this series sometime in the future whenever that may be.
  2. Thief’s Covenant – Ari Marmell
    For all that this series is labeled as YA, it reads more as an adult fantasy series and should be marketed as such so that more people will read it. I enjoyed this. Gave it four stars.
  3. Swan – Laurel Snyder and Julie Morstad
  4. Dust of Eden – Mariko Nagai
  5. The Accidental Alchemist – Gigi Pandian
  6. P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han
  7. Manazuru – Hiromi Kawakami

Currently Reading

  1. I Want to Kick You in the Back – Risa Wataya
    Ha, I’m really enjoying this.
  2. The Demon King – Cinda Williams Chima
    This is a reread for me. I am rediscovering why I love the series before I move on and complete it.

To Read in the coming week:

These are the books I’ll be picking up if I do read anything apart from what I’m already reading:

  1. The Crossover – Kwame Alexander
  2. False Covenant – Ari Marmell
  3. The Divine – Asaf Hanuka
  4. Poetry is Useless – Anders Nilsen

Note: Posts will possibly be even scarcer than usual because of Ramadan.


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