reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

It’s Monday again and it’s time for me to stun you all with my reading prowess. I read an insane amount this past week and I don’t even know why. Well, okay, I was feeling a bit down and my answer to sadness is reading. It always has been. Let me tell you all the books I read last week:

  1. Volumes 1-10 of Dreamin’ Sun by Ichigo Takano
  2. Bug in a Vacuum – Melanie Watt
  3. Circus Mirandus – Cassie Beasley
  4. Adventures in Smell Places – Lonely Planet Kids
  5. The Invasion of the Tearling – Erika Johansen
  6. The Onion Magazine Covers – The Onion
  7. The Courageous Princess – Rod Espinosa
  8. Fatima and the Dream Thief – Rafik Schami
  9. Dream On, Amber – Emma Shevah
  10. Of Dreams and Rust – Sarah Fine

I’m currently reading:

  1. The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton
    I managed to read a measly 10 pages of this one. I think I’m going to have to carve out time specifically for this. Maybe in September.
  2. The New Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor by Salim Bachi
    I’m 103 pages into this one and it’s not very long. About 80 pages more. It’s well written but I don’t agree with some of the stuff the narrator says. More in my review when I finish it.

To read in the coming week:

  1. The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones – Will Mabbit
  2. The Sign of the Cat – Lynne Jonell
  3. Diary of a Mad Brownie – Bruce Coville

4 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

    1. I’m wandering around page 100. The pacing is sooo slow. Someone told me it gets better around page 300. :\ Still, I feel like the book is challenging me and I must succeed in defeating it. I shall let you know if it is indeed wonderful.


  1. I am sorry to read that you have been feeling down, but at least I hope reading could offer some needed escape. My answer to being down is obviously buying books. Our cat had to be put down after being hit by a car yesterday and I drowned out the sorrows for a little while in book buying over at The Book Depository(alas it did not bring our beloved four legged family member back to life).

    I have not heard of any of the three books on your to read this week list, so those all sparked a curiosity in me. Heading over to Goodreads to find out more about the books now. I hope this week will be a better one for you, Nafiza!


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