reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

It’s a new week and time to air the reading forecast but first, the books that were read last week:

  1. Court of Fives – Kate Elliott (5 stars!)
  2. The New Adventures of Salim the Sailor by Salim Bachi. (bleh)
  3. The Essential Neruda: Selected Poems – Pablo Neruda
  4. The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act – Kieron Gillen
  5. The Wicked + The Divine: Fandemonium – Kieron Gillen
  6. Dreamstrider – Lindsay Smith
  7. Adventure Time vol 3: Seeing Red – Kate Leth
  8. Adventure Time: vol 1: Sugary Shorts – Paul Pope
  9. Every Breath You Take – Chris Marie Green

Currently Reading:

  1. School – Jen Currin
    Poetry collection. I should be done with this today. I am enjoying it so far.
  2. The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton
    Ye God, it’s taking me forever to read this though admittedly I haven’t been actively reading it. I’m on page 147 so success has been made. I just hope the pace picks up soon or else I’ll be taking years to read the book.

To Read in the Coming Week:

  1. Black Springs – Alison Croggon
    Retelling of Wuthering Heights which I haven’t read. But I loved Croggon’s Pellinor trilogy so I’m hoping I love this one too. My friends seem to have enjoyed this one immensely.
  2. The Prophet – Khalil Gibran
    My mom really liked this one and I actually gave it to her as a mother’s day gift. This one shouldn’t take me too long to get through.
  3. Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate
    An MG I should be able to read easily enough. We’ll see.
  4. Tyger Tyger – Kersten Hamilton
    This will be a reread but I want to finish this series so I reckon I will give this one a try if I have time.

2 thoughts on “The Reading Forecast

  1. The Luminaries is somewhat dense, and because it’s not super plot driven, it can have a hard time holding people’s interest. It’s more about the characters and the town and the time. I loved it and so I got it for two people. One finished it and one didn’t, and although the one who finished it did like it, it took them a while and I don’t think they were as enthused as I was. The payoff was worth it to me but, if I remember correctly, I don’t think the pace gets much quicker.

    The Prophet has been on my to-read list for yeeeears. I don’t know what’s taking me so long to get around to it.


    1. Yesss, the writing is absolutely beautiful and flows really smoothy. I think reading children’s lit has spoiled me because of how often they are plot-driven. I think the problem is also that due to review books I am not giving the book exclusive time which I’m going to change once I have a good portion of that pile read. I hope. The Prophet is really beautifully written. It has a lot of wisdom in it. I was really pleasantly surprised.


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