Of Surprise Babies and Life

I’ve been conspicuously absent these days barring the reading forecast posts, haven’t I? I’ve been expending a lot of effort keeping The Book Wars working smoothly and that leaves little room in my brain for The Book Wurrm. Which is not to say that I have completely given up on this blog because I do post reviews of books that fall outside the purview of children’s literature here. It’s just that I haven’t read much of those books recently. Hence, the silence. I do think that I’m going to do some food posts here; possibly of my adventures in the kitchen and maybe some posts that are more personal in nature. This is not to say that I won’t write posts about books because books are very personal for me. Ha.

My sister-in-law (bhabhi is the term I will use) had a baby almost two weeks ago. She had no idea she was pregnant so basically she found out she was pregnant and gave birth all on the same day. We were all gobsmacked and in fact we still might be. Life just sort of tilted out of its axis and well, yeah. The baby is still in the hospital due to some complications so prayers are welcome. Insha Allah, he’ll be fine.

I need to get back into writing. I have all these ideas for different stories floating around in my head but I am determined to finish The Glory of the Dead before I commit to a different novel. I’m also job-hunting, a thankless venture that corrodes all my self-esteem. I’m also querying agents for The Road of the Lost but well, that’s not going very well. Daniel Jose Older wrote an article on the struggle of POC authors to get representation and I’m finding that all his points are valid. But still, all I can do is persevere.

That’s about it really. I hope you all are well and good.


4 thoughts on “Of Surprise Babies and Life

  1. I wish all the best to the mother and the baby! You sum up all my feelings & thoughts on job-hunting. Too much quicksand there *clutches onto books.* Sending much love to The Road of the Lost. I haven’t investigated the Australian publishing scene enough to know what POC authors face here but I agree with this recent article that many of the Australian POC authors I found were from small presses: http://www.dailylife.com.au/news-and-views/dl-culture/is-ya-becoming-more-diverse-20150811-giwil6.html

    Though I can also think of some authors from the bigger publishers. It’s a goal of mine to review more Austalian books (the Aussie YA scene is amazing but I seem to be a scifi mood as of late.) I’m still trying things out in writing so publishing is still a far off goal for me (I lost a bit of my passion for writing but I’m rediscovering it, bit by bit.) In the mean time, I’m attempting to read everything.

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    1. Thanks Glaiza. I sometimes think that I just prefer to write without going after publishing but then again, having your words read (and liked though not always) by other people is such a rush. Aussie YA is more amazing than North American YA and that’s a fact. I think Aussie publishers given authors a lot more creative scope compared to American ones who fall back on formulaic novels that are proven sellers–art is sacrificed for profit.

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  2. Mashallah! I always find it surprising how often I’ve heard/seen/read about people not knowing they are pregnant. It’s mind boggling since it goes against everything we are taught as women of the process and development and sensations and emotions we go through. But thoughts are with mum and baby.
    When I started following Daniel before I found out he was an author – I’m sure that’s why he was recommended to me on my Twitter contacts to begin with, but that was so long ago!
    – Krys

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