reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Ah, another week has passed and for once I read ALL the books I said I was going to. I’m really proud of this achievement, hah. And then some. But here is a list:

  1. School – Jen Currin
  2. Black Spring – Alison Croggon
  3. The Prophet – Khalil Gibran
  4. Josephine – Patricia Hruby Powell
  5. Tyger Tyger – Kersten Hamilton
  6. Gronk vol 1 – Katie Cook
  7. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil – Stephen Collins
  8. The Night is Darkening Around Me – Emily Bronte (this was most excellent for whoever wanted to know)
  9. Bat Girl vol. 1 – Cameron Stewart

Currently reading:

I haven’t been feeling much like reading this past two days so I’ve started multiple books to get a feel for them. So here are the books. Prepare to be surprised (or not):

  1. The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton
    Yep, still reading it. It will appear on this list until I’m finished with it because I’m determined that I will finish it before December 31st.
  2. The Dhulyn and Parno Novels: Vol. 1 – Violette Malan
    About ten pages in. This contains the first two novels in this series. So far it’s typical fantasy fare that I love.
  3. The Wolf Wilder – Katherine Rundell
    The first chapter was explosive and I’m reading to kick some horrible soldier butt. Ugh.
  4. Mad Miss Mimic – Sarah Henstra
    So I really liked the first chapter of this one too. I think I’ll like Miss Mimic, mad or not.
  5. Book Scavenger – Jennifer Chambliss Bertman
    I’m about 20 pages into this one and I don’t know. I have to read a lot more to get a feel for it.
  6. Bitter Greens – Kate Forsyth
    The book is a beast but I think it contains the stories of three different women. People tell me that the book is splendid and the writing certainly is. I hope for the best.

To read in the following week:

All the ones mentioned above? Ha. Maybe not finish them but make good headway into many of them. Okay, I do wish to finish Wolf Wilder, Scavenger and Mimic. Also maybe In the Forests of the Night by Kersten Hamilton.


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