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Things I Will Never Be Too Busy To Do

There have been times in the past when a particular friend or family member have given me the excuse of being “too busy” to do something essential. At that time I thought they were just giving excuses for not doing something they didn’t want to do anyway but now that I, too, get crazily busy (at times, not always), I understand that it is definitely very possible to not do something you thought you couldn’t not do just because you don’t have time. I still think though that no matter how busy I get, there are certain things it behooves me to do. Every person will have a different list. This is mine:

  • Read. I don’t have to read an entire book but if over the course of a day, I can read even a page, I’m good. Some people require coffee to face the world, I require the written word.
  • Respond to a friend who has messaged me in whatever way. I don’t understand people who don’t respond to messages whether on the phone or email citing time as a limiting factor. You can email using your phone, text message, or whatever app you use on the phone to keep in touch. It doesn’t take long to do and you don’t have to write an essay but just respond to them and let them know that you’ve received their message and will talk to them as soon as you have time. It doesn’t take much energy and goes a long way to maintaining your friendship.
  • Eat. I mean, seriously. People can forget to eat? People can be too busy to eat? If I don’t eat, I don’t function.

This is about it. What’s on your list?


7 thoughts on “Things I Will Never Be Too Busy To Do

  1. I love this topic. Heh heh.

    I will never be too busy to…

    1. Daydream. Maybe all writers have this one. My brain goes into writer-daydream mode every time it’s not actively focused on an immediate task at hand.

    2. Read/ write blog comments. Really on some popular blogs I find the comments more interesting than the actual articles. The views are just so much more diverse.

    3. Buy fruit. I need fruit in my life at all times.

    4. …sing to myself?

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  2. All of the above. I’ve recently gotten very frustrated with a friend whom I considered to be quite close to, and yet when I send a text message and receive nothing I have to sit back and wonder how much I truly mean to them. I get that we’re both on separate schedules and she’s typically busy with her work schedule, but how busy do you have to busy not to shoot back a quick reply? Anyways, I have an advantage of working in a library, so I can easily read an excerpt whenever I please :)
    – Krys

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    1. Girl, I’ve been in this situation and my friendship with the person fell apart. Even though I lingered over the decision to cut loose, (a decade of friendship was on the line), I finally decided that she was making me unhappy and so I had to remove myself. I hope your friendship has a happier resolution to it.


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