reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Last week I read:

  1. A Daughter of No Nation by A. M. Dellamonica
    This was good. I have some quibbles with it but ended up enjoying it ultimately.
  2. House of Sand and Secrets by Cat Hellisen
    I enjoyed this one very much.
  3. Dogleaf – Cat Hellisen
    A short epilogue that I read online. Bittersweet and lovely.
  4. Ruffleclaw – Cornelia Funke
  5. Lost Covenant – Ari Marmell
    Brutal, absolutely brutal. But also funny.
  6. The Accident Season – Moire Fowley-Doyle
    A pleasant surprise. Wonderful marriage of modern and fairytale elements.
  7. Serpentine – Cindy Pon
    Liked this one a lot.
  8. Confessions of an Imaginary Friends: A Memoir by Jacques Papier – Michelle Cuevas
    Wonderful. Review at Cuddlebuggery soon.

Currently Reading:

  1. One More Thing and Other Stories by B. J. Novak
    I am enjoying this one, some stories more than others. Will review it once I’m done.
  2. The Nightingales are Drunk – Hafez
    I’m reading this little black classic very slowly. When I’m in the mood which I am not in very often.
  3. The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull
    Oh this is lovely so far.

To Read in the Coming Week:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I have some books on hold at the library so maybe a little more YA or more probably a high fantasy title out from the library. I also want to start a Murakami  novel but only when I’m done with Hafez.

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