reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Winter does odd things to my reading. I get lost in books and think I’ve read a lot only to find that I’m stuck on the one book I’ve been reading all week. I feel like I’ve read enough for the year and can safely hang up my laurels but then the stories call my name and I crack open another book. Or I feel anxious that I’m not reading all the books I want to and will be left bereft once the new year rolls around. I have issues.

Here’s what I read in the past week:

  1. The Nightingales are Drunk by Hafez
    Eh. I felt slivers of brilliance but it left me cold on the whole.
  2. QQ Sweeper vol. 1-3 by Kyousuke Motomi
    This is a great series and has a lot of complexity to it that you don’t normally see in shoujo manga. Though it’s not really shoujo genre exclusively.
  3. The Radiant Road by Katherine Catmull
    I enjoyed this mostly though I feel like certain things could have been done differently.
  4. The Tea Party in the Woods by Akiko Miyakoshi
    I enjoyed this picturebook.
  5. High Maga – Karin Rita Gastreich
    I enjoyed this one mostly.
  6. A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis
    I enjoyed this until the last quarter when it all fell apart.

What I’m Currently Reading:

  1. Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami
    I am reading this very slowly. A chapter a day in fact because I want it to last until mid-January because I like starting and ending my year with a Murakami novel and I’m soon going to run out.
  2. One More Thing by B. J. Novak
    I’m 200 pages in and should be done in the coming week. I’ll be reviewing it here once I’m done.
  3. Covenant’s End by Ari Marmell
    This one I’m reading very slowly as well because it’s going to be intense and I don’t know how intense my heart can handle right now.
  4. The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman
    I haven’t yet read a page but oh I have such high expectations. I hope the book meets them all!

To Read in the Coming Week:

It’s December so I’m going to be reading a lot of YA and Fantasy. Just because.

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