reading forecast

Reading Forecast


A new year starts with a new reading forecast and I’m somewhat hopeless where the reading is concerned. But first, let’s talk about all the books I’ve read since I last posted a reading forecast two weeks ago.

  1. Caligula – Suetonius
    Well, he was a character. Not one I’d ever want to meet but a fascinating person to read about.
  2. Nijigahara Holograph – Inio Asane
    The art in this one is amazing. The story itself plays a lot with time and the consequences of actions.
  3. Wailing Ghosts – Pu Songling
    This was quite enjoyable for me.
  4. Dance, Dance, Dance  – Haruki Murakami
    This took a while but did ultimately win me over.
  5. Wake of Vultures – Lila Bowen
    I enjoyed this one though I had some issues with some things that I’m not ready to elaborate upon. Haha.
  6. 4 boardbooks that I don’t want to list out because I’m lazy.
  7. Cast in Honor by Michelle Sagara
    Okay, I probably enjoyed this a lot because I tempered my expectations of any sort of romance progress. I have come to accept that Sagara does not write good romance and perhaps never will. I enjoy everything else so I’m willing to make concessions.
  8. Three Tang Dynasty Poets – including Wang Wei
    I think I’d have enjoyed these more in context with notes and introductions to these poets than as isolated works not very well translated.
  9. Mechanica – Betsy Cornwell
    This was a Cinderella retelling and somewhat successful. Most interesting was the ending that stepped neatly away from the happily ever after.
  10. Young-hee and the Pullocho – Mark James Russell
    I just finished writing a review of this one.
  11. The River and the Book – Alison Croggon
    Most excellent. I will be writing a review of this one at The Book Wars.
  12. Across a Star-swept Sea – Diana Peterfreund
    I enjoyed this well enough. It was lush.
  13. What A Wonderful World vol 2 – Inio Asano
    More hopeful than the first one. I enjoyed it better.
  14. Travel in the Lands of Serpent and Pearls – Marco Polo
    He was writing fantasy. Hah.
  15. I Am Beautiful – Rupi Rajwan
  16. To Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Memoir – Sience Cherson Siegel, Mark Siegel


Currently Reading:

  1. Traffic – John Ruskin
    This is so very boring. But I’m going to finish this LBC if it kills me and hopefully it won’t go that far.
  2. Piratica #1 – Tanith Lee
    This could have been a lot more fun if it was faster in pace. As it is, we flounder. I’m 113 pages in and nothing substantial has happened.
  3. The Naming – Alison Croggon
    A reread and also the book I’m buddy reading with a whole group of people. See The Book Wars for more details.
  4. Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts
    171 pages in. It’s very interesting but moves so slowly. I suppose the fact that it is 936 pages does give it time to meander around as it sees fit.
  5. Cracks in the Kingdom – Jaclyn Moriarty
    I got The Tangle of Gold or the ARC of it in the mail last week and I CANNOT WAIT to read it so I need to drop everything and reread this so I can read that obviously.

To read in the coming week:

Everything I’m currently reading honestly. I don’t think I’ll be starting anything new but you know never know with me.


2 thoughts on “Reading Forecast

  1. Shantaram is one of my favorite books. It does have a slight lull in the middle but it’s worth the read. The 2nd part just came out, atleast you didn’t have to wait a decade like I did for the prequel/sequel. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, as long as I finish it this year, I don’t care when. I’m enjoying it but since it’s not my genre, I find myself very objective which is not always a bad way to read a novel. I suppose.


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