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Review: The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook by Jean Blacklock


Hardcover January 12, 2016
Published by  Penguin Random House Canada
Source: Publisher

You may not know this about me but I fancy myself a baker when I most empathize with Peeta. I mean, when I’m hungry and the nearest cakeshop is an hour away. I like puttering around in the kitchen and though I’m not the best baker ever, I do love seeing baked goodies come to life for the short time they exist before my family gulps them down.

I adore The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook for a number of reasons. It is very accessible and does not assume any expertise on the part of the reader/cook/baker. I cannot stand cookbooks that simply assume you know what’s what because most of the times, I don’t. There’s a wonderful section in the beginning that explains the ingredients and tools necessary, gives some tips on what’s available versus what is recommended.

And then there are the recipes themselves. The pages are vibrant with delectable photographs of the cupcakes and the recipes moves from an extended section for various icings (and all of them are delicious, I tried two) to the cupcake recipes. The best part are the icing recipes because they are delicious. Lemon icing is a fave as is peanut butter. But the thing about the recipes is that they inspire you to be creative and try to add your own ingredients with whatever results. I love that too.

If you see a lot of cupcake making in your future, I recommend this. I would have taken a picture of my tries but honestly, they were gone very quickly. Like…I had people taking the cupcakes as soon as I finished icing them.


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