February Wrap Up

In January, I read 38 books (listed below). Of these 38 books:

  • 25 were from the library.
  • 11 were from the TBR pile.
  • 2 were rereads.

I received 14 new books in February. Of them:

  • 7 were for review.
  • 2 were birthday presents.
  • 2 were ARCs borrowed from a friend.
  • 3 were purchased.

The TBR pile stands at 483 books at the moment.

My aim is to read 365 books this year though my Goodreads challenge is 120 because I don’t like the pressure that comes with a set number. So my aim was to read 29 books in February. Let’s see how I fared:

  1. The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle – Janet Fox (tbr)
    Enjoyable but it didn’t blow me away as I had been hoping it would.
  2. Viva Frida – Yuyi Morales (library)
    Loved this. The art in this picturebook is tremendously beautiful.
  3. Sea Rex – Molly Idle (library)
    Not as charming as her earlier two. The prose honestly was nothing to write home about. The art was beautiful as I expected it to be. Engaging and dynamic. It didn’t need the words.
  4. Step Aside, Pops – Kate Beaton (library)
    Like always, the collection has some really funny pieces and others that are not so funny. Mostly funny though.
  5. The Riddle – Alison Croggon (reread)
    Man, the second book in the Pellinor series makes your mind twist in shapes you probably didn’t think it was possible to. A lot of the book is traveling over harsh landscapes and I found myself wishing I was still in school so I could do an in depth study of the landscape for funsies. But I’m not so I won’t. Not right now anyway.
  6. Nightschool vol 1 – Svetlana Chmakova (library)
  7. Nightschool vol 2 – Svetlana Chmakova (library)
  8. Nightschool vol 3 – Sveltana Chmakova (library)
  9. Nightschool vol 4 – Svetlana Chmakova (library)
    Really lovely art, diverse characters and a gripping plot. I’m only sorry that this series concludes at 4 volumes though there are enough open endings for the story to continue in several directions. Basically, I want more.
  10. Into the Dim – Janet Taylor (tbr)
    I didn’t love this but it wasn’t too bad apart from certain problematic elements that will be addressed in my review when I write one. (On The Book Wars.)
  11. A Curious Beginning – Deanna Raybourn (library)
    Brilliant, brilliant book. I wish there had been a kiss though. Or two. But eh, something to look forward to.
  12. A Gap in Time – Jeanette Winterson (tbr)
  13. The Eve of St. Agnes – John Keats (tbr)
    This LBC showcased some of the longer narrative poems by Keats. I enjoyed the poems more than I thought I would. I need to read more Keats.
  14. A Year Without Mom – Dasha Tolstikova (library)
    This was a beautiful memoir about a Russian girl’s life the year her mother is in America doing a Masters. It was prettily written and drawn but largely uneventful.
  15. Silent in the Grave – Deanna Raybourn (library)
    Since I read and adored A Curious Beginning, I’m going to read all of the books in the Lady Julia series which is just as good as the Veronica Speedwell one. I’m glad I discovered Raybourn albeit later than I should have.
  16. Silent in the Sanctuary – Deanna Raybourn (library)
    I still enjoyed this immensely but I am bothered by Julia’s attitude towards people not on the same social level as her. I know her opinions are reflective of a woman of her time and social station but as a modern woman who spits on stuff like class division and the idea that the amount of money a person has is definitive of a person’s worth, I find her snobbery incredibly off-putting.
  17. Silent on the Moor by Deanna Raybourn (library)
    Well, the third one in the Lady Julia series. I liked this one much more than the second one. It was incredibly sobering and twisted.
  18. Things I’ve Said To My Children – Nathan Ripperger (library)
    You know how some parents cannot stop talking about their children expecting listeners to find everything as amusing and adorable as they do? This book was kinda like that. There were some funny things but as someone who lives with two little children (niece and nephew), this book was a definite result of an over-adoring parent.
  19. Saturn Apartments vol. 3 – Hisae Iwaoka (library)
  20. Saturn Apartments vol. 4 – Hisae Iwaoka (library)
  21. Saturn Apartments vol. 5 – Hisae Iwaoka (library)
  22. Saturn Apartments vol. 6 – Hisae Iwaoka (library)
  23. Saturn Apartments vol. 7 – Hisae Iwaoka (library)
    Mitsu, the main character of this manga series, seriously loves cleaning windows of the futuristic ring that exists around the world on which people have lived for generations on end. It’s too complicated to explain it in much detail so look it up if you’re interested. But this was a fun homey read made of feels.
  24. Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner (library)
    I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t really enjoy this book. The reason I gave it four stars was because it was solidly executed. Why I didn’t like the book…is not something I can figure out. Maybe reading it so far from the last book placed me at a more objective position? Maybe I wasn’t too keen on another pair of white protagonists saving the universe? The book just didn’t do anything for me. The romance was too heavy and I wasn’t convinced…okay, I will give it three stars. I have the niggling feeling that it’s me and not the book so…I’d say the first two are definitely much more compelling than the last one.
  25. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro (tbr)
    Ah, this was a pleasure to read. A novel about love that is not a romance novel. Cavallaro does delicious things to the canon and I had a lot of fun reading this. For a greater in depth review of whys I like this novel, check Cuddlebuggery. My review will pop up there sooner or later.
  26. Listen, Slowly – Thanhha Lai (library)
    This is excellent. So very very good I need a copy of it for my collection.
  27. El Deafo – Cece Bell (library)
    This is a graphic novel about a girl who loses all hearing when she’s a baby and documents her experience through elementary school. A wonderful glimpse at what it means to be hearing impaired and how this affects your relationships with your peers.
  28. The Wildings – Nilanjana Roy (tbr)
    The novel is about a clan of wild cats in Delhi. If you like cats and enjoy foreign settings, this will be a treat for you. I enjoyed it immensely. The story is poignant, though at times the sadder moments feel a bit more manipulated than not but the prose is fresh and witty. I enjoyed it.
  29. Chinese Fables – Shiho S. Nunes (tbr)
    I LOVED this one. The stories are very pithy but they all pack a punch.
  30. The Immortals Jordanna Max Brodsky (tbr)
    This was on the whole a good read but the latter half was a bit too mired in mush. Artemis, the protagonist, was a fascinating character but I felt her capitulation to being human was a bit too neat or perhaps the word would be too quick.
  31. Weekends with Max and his Dad – Lina Urban (tbr)
    A sensitively told tale about a boy and his dad building their relationship after the parents divorce. I enjoyed it for its subtlety and the delicacy with which it approached important topics.
  32. Dark Road to Darjeeling – Deanna Raybourn (library)
    The penultimate book in the series, this is far darker than any others with lots of death and less than savoury reveals about central figures in the mystery of the moment. Raybourn manages to keep the romance alive and the romantic conflict sizzling. I enjoyed this though as an Indian I was a bit amused by the way Indians are portrayed in the novel. Not offensively, no, but just this side of bearable.
  33. Immortal Beloved – Cate Tiernan (reread)
    Still as lovely as the first time I read this.
  34. The Ledger Book of Thomas Blue Eagle – Jewel H. Grutman (library)
    Sad. The story of First Nations people is always sad.
  35. Shadows of Sherwood – Kekla Magoon (library)
    I liked it but I’m not sure I want to continue with this series. We’ll see how I feel by the time the second one comes around.
  36. The Dark Enquiry by Deanna Raybourn (library)
    This was the fifth and I believe the finally Lady Julia mystery. E-novellas exist but I’m going to have to wait until I can get my hands on an e-reader. I enjoyed this one quite a bit and I am a bit sad that I no longer have any more Julia and her mysteries and Brisbane to look forward to. Oh well.
  37. The Hippo Banquet – Mary Kingsley (tbr)
    Kingsley did make what could have superbly boring writing about her travels in Africa interesting but I was mostly troubled by the use of her words ‘savage’ and such. You know, ‘normal’ things. I don’t know if I’m expected to excuse it because of the time period the book was written but I feel no compunction to be so forgiving and there you have it.
  38. In Other Words – Jhumpa Lahiri (tbr)
    A review soon.

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