Downtown Diaries

Downtown Diaries #1

As I mentioned previously in one of the reading forecasts, I started a 4-month job because well, bills and I can’t sit around and wait to be discovered no matter how much I wish. (And I wish.) I worked as a communications clerk for a government agency (and for obvious reasons I don’t really want to reveal which one).

I have led a very sheltered life and can count the number of jobs I have had on one hand. Which is really not an ideal state of affairs and I’m side-eyeing my parents something crazy but in their defense, girls don’t work in Fiji or they didn’t used to. Things might have changed by now.

I have worked as a tutor, mentor, Walmart employee (shudder) and now a communications clerk. The latest one is the first time I have been in an office surrounding and I think I amaze my poor boss daily with all the things I don’t know. I mean, I am not entirely without sense (or so I like to think) but there are lots of things I simply don’t know because you need experience to know these things and I haven’t had any. For instance, there’s this conversation I had with my boss:

Me: I think my phone is broken.
Boss: Why do you think that?
Me: It won’t let me dial out.
Boss: Did you dial 9 before dialing the number you are trying to reach?
Me: Why would I dial 9?
Boss: …
Me: … …?

So apparently to get an outside line you need to dial 9. Everywhere? Maybe? Just so you know folks, dial 9 first.

And then I discovered the lights weren’t working:

Me: Boss, the lights aren’t working!
Boss: *stares consideringly* (I swear if he had a thought bubble, it would say…”does this girl really have a Masters degree.)
Me: *looks expectant*
Boss: You do know how light systems work right?
Me: *frowns* If you mean switching them on and off…yes…?
Boss: Ah, yeah, I turned off the main switch by the door which in turned affected all the lights in the office.
Me: Oh…

Is this common knowledge, folks? Am I the only person not acquainted with main lights and stuff? I feel like I reach new heights in density (of mind-ness) every day but I am learning a lot so I suppose the next place I go to will have a chance to think of me as slightly brighter than my current boss does? I hope?



6 thoughts on “Downtown Diaries #1

  1. I’m sure you have your duh moments like I do. I worked at a place for 10 years and I still had bosses look at me like, “Umm is she a college graduate?” We live and we learn right?

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