Downtown Diaries

Downtown Diaries #2

I present to you Nafiza 7 days a week. Notice the changing expressions:

Series of Selfies


I am not convinced getting out of bed was the best idea. Still, let’s put on a bright lipstick and a pretty hijab. Yep, I can do this…maybe. Oh dear God.


I WILL do this. Yes, I will. Work is fine. 5 days a week. Yep. I’m going to cry now.


What’s the point of life? What’s the point of breathing? I will just become undead and sparkle. See the yellow? Note the red lips?


I can’t do this anymore.


FRIDAY FRIDAY I LOVE YOU. Let’s get together and birth weekends and oh gross I just did think that. But I love weekends too. Yes, mwahaha.


Sometimes I wonder about myself, I really do.
(I don’t wear eye makeup to work because I have a tendency to rub my eyes and I don’t want to walk around panda-eyed for the entire day.)


4 thoughts on “Downtown Diaries #2

    1. It’s difficult to even consider lip gloss (or lipstick because not a fan of the gloss) some days and I’m all no make up cept the basics. Adulting sure is tough.


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