Downtown Diaries

Downtown Diaries #6

Sometimes life affords you opportunities, you take them, and spend a wonderful morning taking a walk and eating sugar buns. A week or so ago, I got a chance to participate in an event due to work and the experience was different from anything I have ever had.

For instance, there was a posh hotel. So posh the air was perfumed. I am not even joking. The washrooms were wallpapered but since there were no heated towels with which to wipe your hands, I don’t know, the poshness is suspect but I digress.

There was a media scrum.


(Yep, that’s the Defence Minister of Canada in the little circle. My best shot of the day. Ha.)

And while this was interesting, what I loved most was the walk I took around the water front area because well. You will see:


Can someone tell me what this tree is called? I’d like to marry it. So beautiful.

There is also a grandness in the scale of the buildings that make you think of mountains and pebbles. Well it did me anyway.



Canada, being very young, doesn’t have history seeped into its stones. Well–not the kind of history that involves civilization as we are accustomed to define it. But there is a beauty to this area that is louder than age. For a girl from Fiji, this place is pretty epic.

But (arguably more importantly) this walk had a specific destination in mind and I ended up ensconced in this little posh cafe (everything is posh in that area) eating a passion fruit and coconut sugar bun and drinking a banana and coconut latte. The drink was weird and I never want a repeat of that but the sugar bun was good.


As sugar buns usually are.


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