reading forecast

The Reading Forecast

Reading Forecast

It’s time for my weekly reading report and I do apologise that it’s all I’m doing over here at Bibliophilic Monologues but I just haven’t got the time to do more though that’s bound to change in two weeks. But let’s get on with things.

Last week, I read 7 books. They are:

  1. 100 Million Years of Food – Stephen Le
    I enjoyed this quite a bit though I’m not sure the book is for everyone. His tone is chatty and his research thorough so reading the book felt more like listening to a particularly impassioned professor talk than reading a dry text. Plus, food is always fascinating to me so…
  2. Finnikin of the Rock – Melina Marchetta
    I adored this. I will talk about it more in a review in August on The Book Wars.
  3. Waistcoats and Weaponry – Gail Carriger
    This was a fun edition to The Finishing School series and I think the one in which I seriously started shipping Soap and Sophronia.
  4. Devil and the Bluebird – Jennifer Mason-Black
    This one surprised me by how enjoyable it ended up being. I will be reviewing this next week on The Book Wars.
  5. The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo – Zen Cho
    Once again, I made a wonderful life choice by purchasing this e-novella. This was short, fun, and a great introduction to Cho’s writing. I can’t wait to read her novel.
  6. The Bird and the Sword – Amy Harmon
    This one was amazing and I don’t say that lightly. Between this book and Finnikin, I had an excellent reading week. Actually, all the books I read last week were amazing.
  7. Manners and Mutiny – Gail Carriger
    And this finished the series on a very good note. I do love Sophronia as a character and I hope we can catch a glimpse of her in the newest Carriger series.

Moving on to what I’m reading next which can also function as what I plan to read next because I like to list all the books I have planned for the week as currently reading because I’m strange like that. Whew, long sentence is long. Anyway, here are the books I’m reading:

  1. The Art of Perspective – Christopher Castellani
    I’m only 34 pages in but gosh, I love this already.
  2. The Paper Menagerie – Ken Liu
    Still only 234 pages in. I haven’t felt like reading short stories yet and with me it’s better to read when I feel like reading something rather than forcing myself to read something.
  3. The Summer of Ubume – Natsuhiko Kyogoku
    I’ve been thirsting to read this for a while and so I finally picked this up. I’m 40 pages in and really enjoying this.
  4. Graffiti Moon – Cath Crowley
    This one is a reread for Australian book month coming up at The Book Wars and can I say how much I am looking forward to reading this?
  5. Ink and Bone – Lisa Unger
    I only intended to read the first chapter but I am so intrigued I have to read the rest of the book.
  6. The Battle of the Labyrinth – Rick Riordan
    Admittedly, this is not my favourite series but I have all the books and before I ship them to Fiji for my niece and nephew, I figure I should read them if only to say I have.
  7. Clean Sweep – Ilona Andrews
    I adore the Kate Daniels series by Andrews so I hope I enjoy this novella series by them as well.

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