KDrama Check-In: Let’s Fight, Ghost/Bring It On Ghost

Bring it on Ghost

I’m going to assume that you, my dear Reader, watch Kdramas or at least have a working knowledge of them. If not, then I apologise, this may seem a wee bit esoteric.

If you have been watching Bring it On, Ghost or the literal translation of the Korean title which is Let’s Fight, Ghost(ess), you will have watched the last ten episodes with increasing skepticism. Kim So Hyun is doing a decent job and for once Ok Taecyon doesn’t want to make me hit stuff but their performances seem a bit wasted considering the writing of this drama.

The biggest obstacle to my enjoyment of this series is the lack of established rules where ghosts are concerned. I work on the premise that the ghosts in the drama will follow the universal (or okay, general) rule of incorporeal-ness and intangible-ness. And okay, I will suspend my disbelief and accept that Bong Pal (Taecyon’s character) is able to touch ghosts because that’s all I have been told.

What I don’t get and am most annoyed by is the inconsistency in Kin Hyun-Ji’s apparent ghostliness. If she is, indeed, a ghost, that usually means she is dead and for her to be tired or need sleep is a giant vat of hogwash. Her getting hurt or drunk or needing to be saved from another ghost–why couldn’t she just disappear in that episode under water? Or did being underwater curtail her disappearingness? Why was the other dude able to see her? Why does she get hungry?

The problem with this drama is that it hasn’t established any sort of ground rules where ghosts are concerned. And with the advent of the most ridiculous trope in the history of dramas, the noble idiot trope, where one person leaves the beloved person in order to save him/her from himself or herself, I confess my interest in this drama may be lagging. The only thing that keeps me watching is the mystery of that very creepy professor who seemed like a serial murderer in all the dramas I saw him in before and is only fulfilling my initial evaluation of his face. Hur.

The romance is…strangely palatable. This may be due to the fact that KSH is acting close to her age and does not have to act older though I have such faith in her skills that I don’t doubt she could have carried that off. It would have been interesting to see her behaving as an older woman stuck in a younger woman’s body kinda like Shim Eun Kang did in Miss Granny but oh well.

There are six more episodes left in this admittedly less than stellar drama. Let’s hope some questions get answered and we find out that Kim Hyun Ji is, as we have all suspected, lying in a coma somewhere waiting for her soul to return to her body.



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