Currently Watching: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

You probably know by now that I love KDramas/Korean dramas. I usually watch the shorter ones which are generally 16 episodes or at the maximum 20. They tell an entire store in the 16/20 hours and I don’t have to worry about waiting for another season or whatnot. Also, in my not so humble opinion, the writing in Kdramas is most of the time far superior to Hollywood shows which inevitably fold and use cliches and stereotypes–even when they start off good. (The reason may be that Kdramas usually end before they get a chance to go bad thus missing the dreaded staleness that is inevitable after two or three years of regurgitating the same stuff.)

Anyway, I am currently watching…many dramas so I figured it’d be an interesting exercise for me to give tiny little evaluations as a somewhat educated person of the dramas I am watching.

Moonlit Drawn By Clouds


I’ve watched the first two episodes of this and I cautiously like it. I mean, I adore Park Bo Gum (who doesn’t and what’s wrong with them?) but the female lead is only 16 and I was unsure if her youth would translate well into chemistry but as it turns out, I needn’t have worried. She more than holds her own and has a brand of charm that is uniquely hers. The premise of the drama is nothing we haven’t seen before: genderbender shenanigans when circumstances force the female protagonist to crossdress (in this case as a (an?) eunuch). Park Bo Gum plays a seemingly carefree prince which is quickly evident to be a facade he intentionally depends on so people underestimate the depth of his perception and ambition. The first two episodes are charming and promise a lot of fun. The cinematography is breathtaking and the writing, so far, is solid. As for the acting, well, it’s Park Bo Gum. I also like the side characters though I did eye the male second lead a bit cautiously. I could like him but not if he tries to separate the prince and his eunuch.



2 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

  1. Oooh, I love historical K-dramas, they usually have such stunning costumes and beautiful sets. I’m not currently watching any Kdramas, maybe I should start this one? I went on a bit of a binge – Netflix is Kdrama central, which is AMAZING, but I had to take a break – sometimes I get too emotionally invested, and I need to take a break from all the feels!


    1. I do Dramafever which gives me MANY choices. Too many. I’m watching so many right now so you’ll be seeing more “Currently Watching” posts, I think. :D This one is delicious so I recommend it. It’s not very true to history though the prince in question did exist. It’s very playful and very beautifully shot. Here’s a trailer of sorts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NZBifQEYUM


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