The Reading Forecast

Reading Forecast

Woohoo, I’m late this week but things have been so hectic. Why? The Book Wars got a new home and I have been busy preparing for that. Or um, the site. Anyway, it’s complicated and I’m tired. But I got quite a bit of reading done…well, relatively.

Here’s what I read last week:

  1. The Bone Queen – Alison Croggon
    It was as excellent as I had thought it would be and left me hankering to reread the first in the Pellinor series. I’m resisting because I just reread it this year but…
  2. Death Wears a Mask – Ashley Weaver
    I quite enjoyed this one.
  3. A Useful Woman – Darcie Wilde
    Yep, yet another series I’m going to follow.
  4. Heroine Complex – Sarah Kuhn
    Oh this was fun! I can’t wait for the sequel.
  5. The Girl Who Drank the Moon – Kelly Barnhill
    I looooved it!

Currently reading:

  1. The Art of Subtext – Charles Baxter
    I’m beyond disappointed by this one. It’s pretentious and honestly, I feel like the author rather likes the sound of his own voice. Right now I’m just gritting my teeth and trying to get through it.
  2. Champion of the Rose – Andrea K Host
    This one is a reread. I am enjoying it as much as I did the first time around.

Reading in the Coming Days:

Once I finish Rose, I will read The Swan Riders by Erin Bow, probably with Heartless by Gail Carriger. After that is Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter.


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