Real Life

A Life Update and a Re-examination of Purpose

You guys, I don’t much like talking about myself anywhere and always feel like the deer caught in the headlights when I asked to do so. However, I cannot deny that I have on occasion used this space as a soapbox to rant about my feelings.

So anyway, things happened, I took part in #DVpit on Twitter and I found an agent who is really more awesome than I think I deserve.

I am surprised that anyone other than my friends like my writing. Even my mother hasn’t read my book.

So The Road of the Lost is currently on submission. Let’s hope that an editor likes it enough to want to work with me on it.

Other than that, I am working on another project. A totally different project that has already led me to sleepless nights and turgid dreams.

So I feel like I can use this space to talk about my writing, woes and glows, as I persistently bang my head against the wall that is my book-to-be. Currently the book is a lot of notes and pictures scribbled on notebook paper and post-its. I only use 0.38 pen because the thicker nibs drive me nuts. I hate them.

I feel like the writing posts should be a separate post so hang on a minute.

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