January Reading Wrap Up

It is the first month of 2017. It is the 21st century.

If you look at the news, the above facts will surprise you only if you believed that people would learn from history. But no, we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

I am angry.

Whew. Let’s contain that anger and talk about all the books I have not been reading.

Books read: 24
Pages read: 3307

Picturebooks: 12
Poetry: 5
YA: 2
Nonfiction: 1
Graphic novel: 1
MG: 1
Translated: 1
Historical Fantasy: 1

The Geek Feminist Revolution – Kameron Hurley
Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection vol 1 – Edited by Hope Nicholson
What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned – Sherman Alexie

Read Your Own Books: 14

I did not read much but I did read widely. I don’t think I’m going to get much reading done in February. Apart from working on a manuscript, I am also finding it incredibly difficult to get into a story right now.

But I am attempting to read more diverse stories as everyone should.

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