February Wrap Up aka A Record of the All the Books I Didn’t Read

For the first time in ages, I read less than ten books in a month. And I’m not very salty about it because I did spend the time not reading writing which is what I want to do with my life. However, it’s odd that I didn’t read as much because hello, I’m the self-proclaimed Queen of Reading.

Oh well, whatever.

Here are the books I did read:

  1. A Cat Named Swan by Holly Hobbie
    A very sweet picturebook that I need to review on The Book Wars.
  2. A Bestiary by Lily Hoang
    I need to review this here. And I will. Someday.
  3. The Sun is also a Star – Nicola Yoon
    I adored this.
  4. my name on his tongue – Laila Halaby
    See 2.
  5. The Master of All Desires – Judith Merkle Riley
    This book was immense and one of the reasons I didn’t read more.
  6. Here We Are – edt by Kelly Jensen
    I liked this very much. I need to review this for The Book Wars.
  7. God Smites and Other Muslim Girl Problems – Ishara Deen
    I have reviewed this already. It was brilliant.
  8. Goldie Vance vol. – Hope Larson et al
    Cute. Very cute.
  9. The Queen of the Night – Alexander Chee
    Another reason I didn’t read more.

I read pretty diverse books even though they were not very many in number. I like being relaxed about the books I read. I feel like I enjoy reading more this way than I would rushing through books just to get books read. I hope your reading month was a good one.

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