So I finished the last batch of books I was reading (and then some) and since it is a Friday night and I have nothing better to do than talk books, here I am. Talking about books.

I really need a social life.


For The Wild Ones, I’m reading:

  1. Shrill by Lindy West
    And oh, I have been through many of the things she’s writing. Lindy, I feel you. Not always mind you, but most of the times.
  2. Take It As A Compliment – Maria Stoian
    Oh man, this is going to be so painful. I have only read the first 10 pages but already teared up.
  3. Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said
    Okay so this is not strictly for The Wild Ones but I have been meaning to read this for a while so I may as well use this time to make a serious dent in it. I’m learning so much but the reading is slow. I should finish this sometime this year. Hehe. He’s accessible and interesting though.

My girl Runa’s book finally got to me so I’m reading:

  1. The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi.
    And it is so wonderful I want to eat the words. Yep.

And finally, I’m also reading this collection of short stories:

  1. Wicked Wonders by Eileen Klages

I get the sense that Klages is somewhat a big deal in the short story genre though I haven’t come across her before this collection. I’m super enjoying the collection though so it’s my loss.

What are you guys reading?


One thought on “#CurrentlyReading

  1. Ah, I would like to get back to reading Edward Said. And I want to read The Gauntlet! Right now I’m reading Adam Silvera’s History Is All You Left Me during breakfast and lunch breaks (while trying not to cry in public), and listening to Ada Palmer’s Seven Surrenders while in the train, then reading the parts that I listened once I reach home (so I’m “reading” it twice every day?).


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