2017: A Wrap

This year was almost dumpster fire, almost but as it is, every bad year has a few good things going for it to save it from being entirely terrible.

Many things have happened this year. Most of which my brain doesn’t want to remember.

I wrote two books. One of them twice. I found a job. I was super sad. People died. I made friends. I lost them. I came to terms with the fact that certain people I like don’t like me as much. I learned that people I didn’t think liked me do. I was able to confront my shortcomings and if not resolve them, take a step toward correcting them. I was able to look into the mirror for once. I looked at the woman in the mirror and said the most difficult things. Like, “You are beautiful. You matter. You do not have to be a certain shape, colour, or size. You deserve good things.”

Stuff like that. I learned that I need time. I learned the acid taste of anxiety. I learned how the darkness can spread inside of you until all you are is a scream no one else seems to hear. I learned that at the end of it all, there are people who care. (And some who don’t.)

I learned that sometimes dreams come true. And I learned about faith.

I did a whole lot of learning but obviously I have a lot more to go.

I also did a whole lot of reading which is why I’m here in the first place. To do a wrap up of my reading habits this past year.

I read 249 books this year. This is my lowest reading count in 6 years. However, the number isn’t truly illustrative of all the reading I have done. This year, unlike other years, I didn’t count the (large) number of manga titles I consumed. I also read a fair number of unpublished manuscripts as well as Korean webtoons in the original Korean. I reckon the number would be much higher were these volumes all counted.

  • 127 of the 249 books were from my own TBR pile. The rest of them were from the library.
  • I read 24 works of nonfiction this year.

All in all, I feel like I read some pretty good books this year. Check out The Book Wars for a longer post on the books I loved in 2017.

So I end 2017 with the hope that you guys are well, happy, and holding on.

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