About Me

My name is Nafiza Azad and Bibliophilic Monologues is where I exist in a bit more informal sense than I do elsewhere on the interwebs. Bibliophilic Monologues started off as a review blog and indeed, you will find that there are several reviews still existing here but as things evolve, so has BM and now its main use is as a reflection of all my interests that do not fit into the other spaces I call my own.

You can find me on:

The Book Wars
A Case of the Munchies

What you will see at BM are most probably reviews of non-children’s lit, confessional posts about my experiences as a woman in this century, fangirly posts about something or the other. I post here very infrequently but do value this blog as a space to share bits of myself.

Please know at this moment that the books I accept for review are by female authors and/or POC authors. I prefer #ownvoices stories.

For further inquiries etc., please leave me a comment.

28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nafiza…..Canadian!
    Land I would love to explore!

    Thanks for tagging Reutreads. Then I found you. I am really impressed that you can read that quickly. I am new to WordPress and blogging. Also a newbie at writing YA but not published as I have a great road trip story to the midwest on the editing table..hopefully I don’t lose to much to the delete key. Any words of wisdom?

    Love to read but apparently not as passionate as you, as my new adobe is a studio with no place to hide as hubby has the TV on and winter is outside here on the Oregon coast. Love my new place tho as I am two doors from grandkids. I did reduce my stuff to the “essentials”. So blogging and writing is my new thing. Oh gardening is coming too.

    My hubby accuses me of using my cell for a camera only since I don’t answer it when he calls…but I will snap a pic of nature every chance I get..flowers, rocks. ocean. birds, everything but people (they don’t smile or stand still)….Daughters gives me plenty of pics of the grand babies..(I have 10).
    Thanks for sharing on bibliophilic….is that a real word?


  2. So I found the “Writing” section and started a new book…”How did I get here”..It starts out innocent but as life has it, it turns sour and then a redemptive ending…so it could be rated as her life goes on. I found I was writing in the first person, almost like it was my life…OH it is…..oops. Do you know if it is a good place to write?…course I don’t have a audience yet…well not anyone that let’s me know they are reading my ramblings. Sorry I interrupted your reading…..carry on.


  3. Hello Nafisa. Love your blog and thoroughly enjoyed your review of The Rabbit Back Literature Society. Just writing to mention that Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen is not Norwegian, but Finnish. Best, Lola Rogers, translator.


    1. Thanks Lola! I’m so embarrassed. I don’t know no one corrected me up till now. Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for the wonderful work you did translating the novel!


  4. Hey, I’ve followed your blog (and not because you have the same name as my sister lol ;) You’re blog is thoroughly enjoyable – particularly as i’m starting to engage in reading more. Great for new book ideas too. best of luck. Fyza x


      1. How fun. My cousin’s name is Faaiza too. We live in a small world. Let me know of you meed specific recs. I usually read female-centric booksamd fantasy at that though i go in for lit fic once in a while. Thanks for the follow!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Nafiza,

    I’ve noticed that you like to read and review books. I’m a brand new author on Amazon’s kindle store, and I would like to ask you to read and leave an honest review of my book if you’d like.

    This is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GYUOO1A. Please tell me if you would be interested, and I’ll send it over. I’m looking for any help I can get.


    PS We both have Masters in Children’s Literature!


  6. Hi Nafiza, I just wanted to say I really love your blog, and as a fellow young Canadian YA fantasy writer aspiring to publication, I would so love to exchange manuscript feedback sometime if you have any interest! If you are ever looking for a new beta reader or just someone to chat with, please feel free to email me, justine.hart@gmail.com

    Good luck with everything and happy writing!! :)


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