Historical Mysteries with Female Protagonists

I know that I’m always searching for historical mysteries with strong female protagonists and intriguing romance subplots so here’s a list of the ones I have already discovered.

  1. Veronica Speedwell series by Deanna Raybourn
    I suppose you could say this is the book that set it all off. I have only read the first one (and the only one that is out) but I adore this series enough that I want to reread this novel as soon as I can.
  2. Lillian Frost and Edith Head series by Renee Patrick
    This one is set in America during the 1920s if I’m not mistaken. The romance is not very strong in this one but it has a joie de vivre to it that I enjoy.
  3. Lady Darby series by Annie Lee Huber
    I stopped reading this one because the first one was not up to my taste but it seems like other readers enjoy this a lot.
  4. Lucy Campion Mysteries – Susanna Calkins
    Instead of ladies and the nobility, we deal with a chambermaid who moves up in the world due to her own wit and cunning. It’s a fresh change.
  5. Lady Fan Mysteries – Elizabeth Bailey
    Lady Fan is one of the most annoying protagonists in a good long while. I personally won’t be continuing with the series but have included it here just in case someone is getting desperate for titles to read in the genre.
  6. Amory Ames Mysteries – Ashley Weaver
    This one has a married couple as the crime-fighting team and it’s particularly refreshing to see them interacting as a couple who should have some security in each other’s feelings but actually don’t.
  7. Lady Emily – Tasha Alexander
    The first one is horrible but the second one isn’t too bad. I don’t know. I’m not liking this all that much for all its popularity.
  8. Lady Julia Grey – Deanna Raybourn
    This was excellent. I have read each and every single book, novella, and short story in this collection.
  9. Sarah Tolerance – Madeleine E. Robins
    This one took me by surprise but is excellent nonetheless.