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October Wrap Up

October ran away from me. I was busier than I had expected to be, sadder than I had expected to be, and just not in a reading mood. I still managed to read 15 books which I suppose are no mean feat. I mean, it feels like nothing to me. Do you remember the time I used to read about 60 books per month? I don’t know where she went, that girl.

I wrote 13295 words in October and I am proud of that. Every word hurt.

Bo Gum sad.gif

Anyway, here’s what I read:

  • 3 graphic novels
  • 3 literary novels
  • 3 middle grade novels
  • 2 adult genre
  • 1 poetry collection
  • 2 YA novels
  • 1 nonfiction

I feel that is quite eclectic a range, don’t you?

Here’s the list of titles I read:

  1. Chemistry by Weike Wang
    So fantastic. I adored this.
  2. Boundless – Jillian Tamaki
  3. No Rules – R. A. Spratt
  4. The Big Bad Fox – Benjamin Renner
  5. Demi-Gods – Eliza Robertson
  6. Murder in Thrall – Anne Cleeland
  7. The Poisoned House – Michael Ford
  8. Don’t Call Us Dead – Danez Smith
  9. Song of the Current – Sarah Tolcser
  10. The Glass Sentence – S. E. Grove
  11. 300 Arguments – Sarah Manguso
  12. Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo
  13. The Cloven Viscount – Italo Calvino
  14. A Conspiracy in Belgravia – Sherry Thomas
  15. The Dam Keeper – Robert Kondo
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September Wrap Up

It’s not yet October 1st but it will be by the time I finish composing this post. I am hideously tired but made the mistake of drinking a large mug of chai with enough caffeine to keep me going for at least two hours into the a.m.

So I figure I will talk to the internet (or the void, whichever makes you feel better) about the books I read in the month of September.

I am at that point in my current work in progress where it is slowly taking over my all my mind so chances are my reading progress will slow down significantly. I hope I do manage to keep an average of 20 books/month for the next three months because it seems like a shame to read less than 250 books this year.

Anyway. In the month of September, I read 20 books. As I recounted on Twitter, they were:

  • 4 picturebooks
  • 5 graphic novels
  • 3 nonfic/poetry
  • 2 MG
  • 2 adult (fantasy) fiction

If you were to ask me what my favourite of these books were, I would laugh and tell you to go away. I DNF often and if a book manages to lose me before 50 pages, I stop reading it. I have too many books to read to slough away at something that I can’t feel. (Exceptions occur frequently.)

Here is the annotated list:

  1. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao
    After I got over the fact that I probably would not like Xifeng, I was able to enjoy the complexity of her character and the story she was being woven into. I enjoyed the writing and the world and I am ready for the next one in the series. Give it to me now please.
  2. Brave – Svetlana Chmakova
    I don’t know what it is about Chmakova but she has a way of making her characters come alive. Like right in your heart alive.
  3. Mighty Jack and the Goblin King – Ben Hatke
    It’s Hatke so I automatically loved it though I felt it was too short and the medium is unable to give the story as much complexity as it deserves.
  4. The Way to Bea – Kat Yeh
    I wrote this brilliant review on this book on The Book Wars if you are curious to know what I thought of it. (Spoiler: I loved it.)
  5. The Bloodprint by Ausma Zehanat Khan
    I loved this one too but it has a CRUEL CLIFFHANGER, AUSMA YOU MEANIE.
  6. Castle in the Stars – Alex Alice
  7. Gray Wold Island – Tracey Neithercott
    CHARLIE KIM IS AMAZING. Basically. He is my fave fictional character.
  8. Spinning – Tillie Walden
  9. You Bring the Distant Near – Mitali Perkins
  10. Adios Barbie – Edited by Ophira Edut
  11. Nejmah – Nayyirah Waheed
  12. Mind = Blown – Matthew Santoro
  13. Akata Warrior – Nnedia Okorafor
    This WAS SO GOOD, DAMNIT. I want moaaar.
  14. Molly & Mae – Danny Parker
  15. Come With Me – Holly M. McGhee
  16. The City of Brass – S. A. Chakraborty
    This was every bit as good as I wanted it to be.
  17. After the Fall – Dan Santat
    Omigosh, this picturebook just made me weep. I WEPT.
  18. Imagine – John Lennon
  19. The Changeover – Margaret Mahy
    THIS IS SO GOOD. I hope it is repackaged and remarketed to contemporary audiences who can enjoy Mahy’s genius as it ought to be enjoyed.
  20. Pashmina – Nidhi Chanani
    Well, I want more from Nidhi. This was beautiful and tugged at my heart.
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August Wrap Up

Another month has zoomed on by and I am left befuddled at the speedy pace the year assumes during its latter months. I have zero expectations that September will go by any slower. But hey, at least we’ll be done with the heat so that’s a good thing, right? I do so love autumn.

Anyway, I read 23 books in August. A lot less than in July but these were all substantial and weightier than the pbs and graphic novels consumed in the previous month. Here’s a list:

  1. salt. – Nayyirah Waheed
  2. Rebel Seoul – Axie Oh
  3. One Hundred Shadows – Hwang Jungeun
  4. A Play of Shadow – Julie E. Czernada
  5. Words in the Deep Blue – Cath Crowley
  6. Maisie Dobbs – Jacqueline Winspear
  7. Shade, the Changing Girl – Cecil Castellucci
  8. Art of the Street: Rio de Janaeiro – Andy Cantillion
  9. Spellbook of the Lost and Found – Moira Fowley-Doyle
  10. The Princess Saves Herself in this One – Amanda Lovelace
  11. My Life with Bob – Pamela Paul
  12. An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors – Curtis Craddock
  13. Sarabella’s Thinking Cap – Judy Chachner
  14. Brother’s Ruin – Emma Newman
  15. Warcross – Marie Lu
  16. The Masked City – Genevieve Cogman
  17. Maya Lin – Susan Rubin
  18. The Burning Page – Genevieve Cogman
  19. Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli
  20. Gone – Min Kym
  21. How to Make Friends with a Ghost – Rebecca Green
  22. The House of Binding Thorns – Aliette de Bodard
  23. The Nonexistent Knight – Italo Calvino
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June Wrap Up

June was mostly a good reading month for me. These are the titles I read:

  1. Men Without Women – Haruki Murakami
  2. The Possessions – Sara Flannery Murhpy
  3. Girl in Dior – Annie Goetzinger
  4. Beautifully Different – Dana Salim
  5. Shark Lady – Jess Keating
  6. March Book One: John Lewis
  7. The Impossible Fairy Tale – Han Yu Joo
  8. The Sand Warrior – Mark Siegel
  9. Alphabetter – Linda Ragsdale
  10. A Turn of Light – Julie E. Czerneda
  11. Phoebe and Her Unicorn – Dana Simpson
  12. How I Did It – Linda Ragsdale
  13. When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon
  14. Big Trouble – R. A. Spratt
  15. Faith volume 1 – Jody Houser
  16. I Like Myself! – Karen Beaumont
  17. Giant Days vol. 2 – John Allison
  18. Afar – Leila del Luca
  19. The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog – Mo Willems
  20. Frantumaglia – Elena Ferrante
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May Wrap Up

Months fly by, don’t they?

Here we are, yet again. And I read some interesting books this month. Not a huge number but I am fine with that. I did read a variety of genres though and that’s always awesome.

The titles I read:

  1. Becoming Unbecoming – Una (graphic memoir)
  2. The Clothing of Books – Jhumpa Lahiri (Short, nonfic)
  3. The Fog – Kyo Maclear (PB)
  4. Exit West – Mohsin Ahmed (Lit-Fic/Spec-Fic)
  5. Saints and Misfits – S. K. Alit (YA)
  6. The Crystal Ribbon – Celeste Lim (MG)
  7. 100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age – Kelly Grovier (Nonfic)
  8. Men Explain Things To Me – Rebecca Solnit (Nonfic)
  9. This Impossible Light – Lily Myers (YA)
  10. The Good Immigrant – Nikesh Shuka (Nonfic)
  11. Books Do Not Have Wings – Brynne Barnes (PB)
  12. Night Sky With Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong (Poetry)
  13. Sacrifice – Cindy Pon (YA)
  14. Etched in Bone – Anne Bishop (Urban Fantasy)
  15. Kamala – Ethel Johnston Phelps (Short Stories)
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April Reading Wrap Up

April was a time of tumult and madness. Not really. It was just not my favourite month but it has passed and I read a lot of good books.

They are:

  1. A Short History of Fantasy by Farah Mendlesohn
  2. Paper Girls vol. 1 – Brian K. Vaughan
  3. Paper Girls vol. 2 – Brian K. Vaughan
  4. The Cold Eye – Laura Ann Gilman
  5. Underground – Haruki Murakami
  6. Animal Ark – Kwame Alexander
  7. Colette’s Lost Pet – Isabel Arsenault
  8. Take It As a Compliment – Maria Stoian
  9. The Gauntlet – Karuna Riazi
  10. NewsPrints – RuXu
  11. Arabella of Mars – David D. Levine
  12. A Perilous Undertaking – Deanna Raybourn
  13. Heartstone – Elle Katharine White
  14. Fuzzy, Furry Hat – Etienne Delessert
  15. Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library – Julia Gassman
  16. Miss Muffet or What Came After – Marilyn Singer
  17. Shrill – Lindy West
  18. Dear Ijeawele – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  19. Reflections – Diana Wynne Jones
  20. The Door in the Alley – Adrienne Kress
  21. Dream Fossil – Satoshi Kon
  22. Compass South – Hope Larson
  23. The Island – Alison Croggon (short story)
  24. Cast in Flight – Michelle Sagara
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March Reading Wrap Up

I accomplished a number of things in March. One, I finished the first draft of The Fire Within. Two, I read 22 books. I’m quite pleased with myself. Of course the high number is due to the many picturebooks read but still, achievements are achievements.

(I also re-caught a cough so there’s that.)

Here are the titles I read:

  1. I’m Judging You – Luvvie Ajayi
  2. A Curious Land – Susan Muaddi Darraj
  3. The Lonely Hearts Hotel – Heather O’Neill
  4. The Road Home – Katie Cotton
  5. Pandora – Victoria Turnbull
  6. If My Love Were a Fire Truck – Luke Reynolds
  7. Princess Cora and the Crocodile – Laura Amy Schlitz
  8. Lint Boy – Aileen Liejten
  9. This Is How We Do It – Matt LaMothe
  10. Real Friends – Shannon Hale
  11. The Bear and the Nightingale – Katharine Arden
  12. bone – Yrsa Daly-Ward
  13. Wires and Nerve vol 1 – Marissa Meyer
  14. Cigarette Girl – Masahiko Matsumoto
  15. How to Find a Fox – Nilah Magruder
  16. Puss and Boots – Ayano Imai
  17. Dream Big, Princess – Andrea Posner-Sanchez
  18. Lila and the Crow – Gabrielle Grimard
  19. The Last of August – Brittany Cavallaro
  20. FukuFuku – Kanata Konami
  21. Seventh Day – Yu Hua
  22. Questions for Ada – Ijeoma Umebinyuo