This is more for me than anyone else. I just thought I needed a space to organize the authors/series I want to collect. This will probably change as my tastes change.

Frances Hardinge

  1. Fly By Night (ppback)
  2. Twilight Robbery (ppb)
  3. Well Witched
  4. The Lie Tree
  5. Gullstruck Island
  6. The Lost Conspiracy


  1. The Blood of Flowers – Anita Amirrezvani

5-Star Books for my Collection

  1. Strange Weather in Tokyo – Hiromi Kawakami

Xiaolu Guo

  1. UFO in her Eyes
  2. Lovers in the Age of Difference

Fantasy Titles I Want:

  1. The Fifth Season – N. K. Jemisin

Random Titles:

  1. Otogizoshi – Osamu Dazai
  2. The Singing Bones – Shaun Tan
  3. Cloth Lullaby – Amy Novesky

Jasper Fforde

  1. The Eyre Affair
  2. Lost in a Good Book
  3. The Well of Lost Plots
  4. Something Rotten
  5. First Among Sequels
  6. One of Our Thursdays is Missing
  7. The Woman Who Died a Lot
  8. Dark Reading Matter

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